Tatiana Fiodorova, "Performance STEAUA", detail, photo: Eliza Ursachi, courtesy KSA:K - Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau


STEAUA, 2012

by Tatiana Fiodorova

Placed in the context of the development of market relations and of the emergence of the neoliberal economy and of contradictory and complex transformations lasting two decades, this performance is a metaphor for the adaptation of the former Union (the USSR) and of the Soviet people to the new realities and the new standards.

Influenced by Western Europe, through her recent memories and her personal experience, the artist tries to recover and to connect to the new European standards, and thus to change from a Soviet girl into a European woman. In this performance, the artist fabricates a European Union flag, using cloths and fabric inherited from her mother, who used to work at the Soviet garment factory called “Steaua Roşie” (“the Red Star”). Thus, the artist uses everyday items from her childhood, cobbling together stars for the flag; however, these stars are far from the European ones, remaining the stars of her Soviet childhood.

Text by Tatiana Fiodorova