Common Identity


Curated by Lýdia Pribišová and Katarína Slaninová

2. 12. 2011 - 31. 1. 2012

SPACE Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Artists: Alterazioni video /IT/, Raffaella Crispino /IT/, Goldiechiari /IT/, Ibro Hasanović /BiH/, Kassaboys /SK/, Michal Moravčík /SK/, Tomáš Rafa /SK/,Rafani /CZ/,Kamen Stoyanov /BG/ Nikola Uzunovski /MK/, Anna Witt /AT/

For many decades, art in Eastern Europe has developed under state-censorship and has been surrounded by a hostile environment. Until 1989, self-reference or non-institutionalized art systems barely existed in the art world. Artists could not address sensitive social and political issues and served only as “decorators” of the ruling regime. The year 1989 brought a breath of fresh air and a shift toward freedom of speech and expression in all spheres of life not only in the field of political life, but also to the art world. In 2004, Slovakia accessed the European Union and became a member of the European community, and has been heading in the common European direction ever since.

The aim of COMMON IDENTITY? is to reflect the issues of heritage, identity and communication in European contemporary art practices. It uses various media and artistic strategies in an attempt to answer whether being part of the European Union justifies claims to possess a common European identity. And whether there is a common European identity, even as nationalism continues to grow in many European countries as a result of the current economic instability and threats of bankruptcy in some European countries. Artists from Eastern and Western Europe have tried to answer these questions with their works and express their own attitudes and opinions.