Wilhelm Sasnal

Wilhelm Sasnal Rohkunstbau 2010

Wilhelm Sasnal draws his inspiration from everyday life. Borrowing from either his own or others’ photos, he creates replicated images of banality, consumerism and intimacy. His portraits include images of historical personages as well as friends and relatives. It is hard to identify a common denominator in his oeuvre, since each of his works functions on its own terms and should rather be seen as an individual work. The young Polish painter is a quick-witted analytical thinker. He paints extremely fast, and has finished 500 paintings in just ten years. He raises the banal to an iconic status, employing a simplified visual language to deal with themes ranging from straightforward everyday objects to the Holocaust and the role of Poland during the Nazi period. He also takes the omnipresence of the church in Poland as a theme in his works.

Wilhelm Sasnal’s painting “Food” shows a still life with a selection of consumer goods and foodstuffs placed on a table sketched in with rough brushstrokes and set against a blue background. Although at first glance the objects seem to be arranged by chance, they are laid out around the golden section and designed with mathematical precision. The juxtaposition of coincidence and construction is similarly evident in the work entitled “A bar”. A white tube runs in front of turquoise-coloured tiles. But this seemingly perfect design is negated by a missing tile opening up the view underneath, revealing what lies hidden behind the surface – a rough wall with the continuing path of the tube.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Rochester Art Center, Rochester, New York, USA
2010 Sara Hildén Art Museum, Tampere, Finland
2009 Presentation in the Collection Rooms: Wilhelm Sasnal. Works from the Collection Martin. Neues Museum, Nuremberg, Germany
2007 Pintures, Fundació “la Caixa”, Espai Montcada, CaixaForum, Barcelona, Spain
2006 Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
2006 Wzorzec kilograma, Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 Abstraction + Warhol. Woxart, Prague, Czech Republic
2009 Something Else!!! Selected Works from the Collection of the SMAK, Gent. Museo d’Arte, Provincia di Nuoro, Italy
2008 Nos cambiamos de domicilio, kurimanzutto, Mexico City
2008 Selections from the Hara Museum´s Permanent Collection, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
2007 Bare Life, The Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem
2006 I still love the 20th century, Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna