Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti

Wafae Ahalouch el Keriasti Rohkunstbau 2010

Wafae Ahalouch El Keriasti works with thematic as well as aesthetic contrasts. Her black and white sketches of everyday life, reduced to contoured lines and usually in a large format, present such pairs of opposites as guilt/ innocence, power/impotence, or man/woman. In the reduction to contours and liberation from the concrete details of time and space, the fixed images are transformed into scenes from well-known narratives. In contrast, through their interaction with superimposed visual layers, her spatial installations create complete narratives. The combination of murals, two-dimensional sculptural figures, collages and found objects integrate diverse levels of reality and generate idiosyncratic spatial effects. The artist draws her inspiration from history, religion and politics, as well as images from films, the media and fairy stories. In her most recent works, she has shifted her focus from the radius of the family to universal and political topics.

At Rohkunstbau, Wafae Ahalouch El Keriasti explores Plato’s Critias dialogue. In her work “Fearless Fountain”, she takes the cold and warm water springs on Atlantis as a metaphor. As one of the four elements, water symbolises change. Plato interprets Heraclitus’s principle of “everything flows” (panta rhei in Greek) as everything is subject to permanent change. The nymphs, as female guardian spirits of the fountainheads of springs, stand both for life and temptation, and hence represent decay and ruin. Wafae Ahalouch El Keriasti addresses this idea as the male and military part in her in her second work “The Carousel”. The horses revolving around the carousel are caught in the process of a fall that can no longer be stopped, a fall symbolising the end of Atlantis.

Selected Solo exhibitions
2009 Family Affairs, galerie sans titre, Brussels,BE
2008 Jan Cunen Museum, Oss, NL , Fighting Temptation
2004 Moira, Utrecht, NL, Double Trouble
Selected Group exhibitions
2009 White Box, New York, USA, Towing the Line
2009 Lacen gallery, Paris ,FR, I Spy with my little eye
2009 Siemens Sanat, Istanbul, TR , Actual account is elsewhere
2008 Young Artist Biennale, Bucharest, RO
2008 MK galerie, Berlin, GER , Present of the Future
2007 Villa des Arts, Rabat, Casablanca and Fes, MA, TROC Art
2006 Parts, Xiamen City, CN, Rijksakademie at Parts
2005 Hopkins Centre for the Arts/Dartmouth College, Hanover (NH), US, Contemporary Artists from the Netherlands, Jordan Schnitzer Museum, Eugene (OR), US
2004 Galerist, Istanbul, TR, The Visitor