Stefan Roloff

Stefan Roloff Rohkunstbau 2010

Stefan Roloff is regarded as one of the very first video pioneers. He developed the “Moving Painting” technique, which created video history when it was immediately adopted by the music and advertising industries. However, Stefan Roloff sees himself primarily as a painter and filmmaker, interested in connecting media while preserving each medium's particularity. His works are marked by a fascination with the quiet moving image or the movement into the image. He continues to explore new technical possibilities in digital image processing, most recently by presenting the city of Berlin with a virtual monument called "Schlosszwerg“ (Palace Gnome). Aside from developing digital parallel realities, his work focuses especially on critically engaging with Germany's political past, using documentary contributions to encourage debate and discussion.

With his work „Let there be Light“ Stefan Roloff has created a room-in-room installation for Rohkunstbau in the shape of a cathedral extending upwards and opening out into the surrounding space. While the “building” is constructed of soft blue paper, the interior gothic windows provide a projection surface for a simultaneous video and sound installation. In interviews, people from all over the world talk in their own language about their visions and ideas of the future. The simultaneity creates a hubbub of voices, where the individual statements become incomprehensible and can only be perceived as ambient background sound.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 “Lindenhotel” Ehemaliges Stasi Gefängnis, Potsdam
2009 “Layers” Galerie Deschler, Berlin
2008 Pierogi Galerie, Leipzig
2004 “Altered States” Kunsthalle Osnabrück
1995 "Pence Springs Resort", Thread Waxing Space, New York City

Selected Group Exhibitions
2002 Reactions”, Exit Art, New York City
1999 “Landscapes” Thomas Ammann Fine Art, Zürich, Schweiz
1997 "Current Undercurrent", Brooklyn Museum, New York
1989 "The Photography of Invention", National Museum of American Art, Washington DC; Walker, Arts Center, Minneapolis; Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
1987 "Second Emerging Expression Biennial", Bronx Museum, New York