Katinka Pilscheur

Katinka Pilscheur Rohkunstbau 2011

Katinka Pilscheur works with a variety of materials to create her installations, which are often large three-dimensional objects. These tend to be a group of combined ready-mades – usually where found objects are linked to one another. In this way, Katinka Pilscheur builds spatial collages from the seemingly banal, tearing everyday things out of their context and creating new sculptural objects. Her sculptural works also integrate the exhibition space. Depending on position and lightning, the glossy painted monochrome surfaces of her works reflect objects and beholders in constantly changing forms, making them hard to classify as the installations themselves. For this reason, the work’s intimate relation to the exhibition space is just as important as the act of choosing the objects. The artefact coalesces with its presentation to form an overall artwork, and the act of creating the work is immanent with a status equal to the finished work of art itself.

Katinka Pilscheur has designed a three-dimensional collage for the smoking room in Schloss Marquardt. A copper rod, creating a strong diagonal across the room, pierces a painted surface that is nearly ceiling-high. The painting’s matt white surface is set to the front, while its high-gloss black side faces the interior of the room. The beholders and the room are reflected equally on the polished surface and, in this way, a new space is created. The artist plays with the dimensions of a given space and dissolves them. The painting functions like a mirror, taking away the beholder’s sense of orientation. As a classical symbol of power equivalent to Wotan’s spear, the copper rod pierces the image and simultaneously offers it the support needed to stand freely in space.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2010 Galerie Koal, Berlin, Germany
2010 DREI, Cologne, Germany
2009 Kunstverein Dortmund, Germany
2008 Galerie Braga Menendez, Buenos Airess, Argentina

Selected Group Exhibitions
2011 Die Aldisierung der Welt, Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany
2010 Placed in the heat of the night, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Munster, Germany
2009 wasistdas, espace artcore, Paris, France
2008 macroeconomia, Museo Macro, Rosario, Argentina
2008 blanco, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina