Lisa Junghanß

Lisa Junghanß, Rohkunstbau 2009

“A dream is a theatre, a theatre inside the body. The dreamer is never herself or himself. S/he is the actor.” (Elisabeth Lenk) ... This too turns the author into an actor and releases the centre of the artwork from an ‘identical person’. The author is everyone and not responsible for anyone, just as everyone is ‘I’ within the dream yet also the other.
Andrea Dilcher, “Imagination in Prospero’s Books”, in: M. Lommel, I. M. Queipo, V. Roloff (eds.), Surrealismus und Film, transcript Verlag 2008 (translated from the German by Andrew Boreham)

The film collages created by Lisa Junghanß are assembled from fragments of previous performances in which she herself usually plays the main role. In her search for the self and the other, she becomes half-woman/half-man, pursuer and pursued. In her enigmatic dream collages, she leads the viewer into worlds dealing with topics such as sexual desire, annihilation and assimilation. Her worlds, though, have no clear narrative structure, and the dream resembles a theatre inside a corporeal form. The images Junghanß create remain fragmentary, and are not open to any rational interpretation. Her use of traumatic background is indicated by the titles of her works – “Horror Vacui”, “Auf der Flucht” (On the run) or “Hass” (Hatred). The performances themselves become a vehicle to display the real as it is articulated in disgust, horror and desire, yet in the spirit of Jacques Lacan’s psychoanalytical theory, the real evades any attempt to endow it with symbolic meaning.

In Junghanß’s film collage shot in Schloss Marquardt, we encounter a woman, incessantly searching and lost, who meets herself in another yet has no hope of release. From what? Why? How? Although the key questions remain unanswered, it becomes evident that we are confronting Lisa Junghanß’s different alter egos. She never manages to escape from the world she has created, but we are drawn in, startled and perplexed, into a world full of confusing emotion, a world with no exit – unless, perhaps, it is through death?

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2009 Spießgesellen, Autocenter, Berlin, Germany
2007 the visitation of my other self, Gallery Martin Mertens, Berlin, Germany
2005 auf der Flucht, Echolot Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2001 Lisakiworld© (with Stefan Lundgreen), Kabusa Konsthall, Kabusa, Sweden

Selected Group Exhibitions
2009 Berlin 2000, PaceWildenstein, New York, USA
2008 (3.) Bucharest Biennale (Biennale of Young Artists), Bucharest, Rumania
2006 Art Sessions, Kunsthalle Wien Project Space, Vienna, Austria
2005 36 x 27 x 10, White Cube, Berlin, Germany
2003 Vier, Leonhardimuseum, Dresden, Germany