Šejla Kamerić

Šejla Kamerić Rohkunstbau 2009

Io non vedo, Io sento, Io credo
Fall or just another way to tell time

Šejla Kamerić has had an eventful life, shaped by the Bosnian War and the destruction of Sarajevo, her hometown. However, the themes she explores in her artistic works are not limited to war trauma or the Bosnian reality of the post-Socialist and post-war period. Even if these are important elements in her photographs, videos and interventions in public space, Kamerić is primarily concerned with a form of self-identification against the background of general questions such as: how does individual and historical memory work? And what role does it play in creating an individual and national identity? In investigating these concerns, Kamerić reconstructs memories in an intimate, self-reflexive form and juxtaposes them with a new reality. In her works, she often uses her own image and the stratagems widespread in contemporary advertising.

For Rohkunstbau, Šejla Kamerić has installed four photographs.  Three of them form an ensemble of works closely related to the same theme, with each image linked to a quote: a long white curtain stands for Io non vedo (I can’t see), a landscape for Io sento (I feel) and a PEACE graffitti for Io creo (I believe). Together with the final image of a leafless tree, they can be read as a poetic vision of a Utopian, peaceful world, infused by a feeling of being at home and a sense of security.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2008 What do I know, DAAD Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2008 Šejla Kameric, Galerie im Taxispalais, Innsbruck, Austria
2006 Brand New, The Kosova Art Gallery – Museum Pristina and EXIT Gallery, Pristina, Kosovo
2005 Šejla Kameric (Another Expo - Beyond the Nation-States), SOAP Gallery, Kitakyushu, Japan
2004 Others and Dreams, Portikus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Selected Group Exhibitons
2008 Tales of Time and Space, (1.) Folkestone Triennial, Folkestone, UK
2007 (64.) Venezia Corto Cortissimo (Mostra Internazionale D’Arte Cinematografica), Venice, Italy
2007 Hell is other people, Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam, Netherlands
2006 Zones of Contact, (15.) Biennale in Sydney, Australia
2005 TABOO/(3.) Tirana Biennale, Tirana, Albania