Environmental Watchdog Journalism Vol.2: Spotlight on Civil Society - The Global Solidarity Summit, Hamburg 2017

We invite journalists aspiring to cover issues of public interest such as climate justice, environmental democracy, green economy and industry interference, to take part in our second reporting workshop. The workshop offers an introduction to the working methods of public interest journalism, interaction with leading experts in the fields mentioned, and a reporting trip to the G20- Solidarity Summit on July 5 - 6 in Hamburg. Every participant will produce a multimedia feature story on the topics covered. Selected articles will be published in English by the BlueLink Stories e-magazine.

On the first two days of the workshop participants will be introduced to the methods of feature story writing and will master the professional and ethical standards of quality journalism in public interest. They will exchange and improve methods of research,establishing facts, interviewing sources, establishing credibility, among other techniques. Participants will compare jenres such as feature, interview, news report and commentary. Presentations on relevant topics will be offered by leading experts in the field, allowing for personal interaction with participants. The group will then visit the alternative Solidarity Summit to the G-20 in Hamburg and will be able to interview participants and work on their stories. The last day is intended for writing and reviewing proposed articles and receiving editorial feedback. These activities are part of the BlueLink's virtual newsroom project for strengthening post-socialist environmental watchdog journalism and regional story exchange on climate change and clean energy in CEE, funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) and Heinrich Boell Foundation in Brandenburg, Germany.
The event will be held in English.

For more informations about the Solidarity Summit click here.

Potsdam/ Berlin and Hamburg.


Arrival: 2nd or 3rd of July 2017 (the workshop starts on the 3rd of July, 2pm)

Potsdam: 2.-4. July 2017, 2 overnight stays in Potsdam/Berlin

Hamburg: 4.-6. July 2017 2 overnight stays in Hamburg

Potsdam: 6. - 7. July 2017 overnight stays in Potsdam/Berlin

Departure: latest 8. July

Registration:  We ask for immediate registration

There is no participation fee.

Journalists (both aspiring and experienced) from Europe’s post-socialist countries and Germany who are willing to work independently in public interest, covering climate change, clean energy as well as other issues related to environmental justice and democracy, are welcome to apply for participation.
Please state your experience and motivation in the registration form.
For participants from Eastern-Central-Europe the traveling costs will be covered but need to be payed in advance and will be refunded. In case that is not possible please mention this in your registration. Board and lodging will be free and the travel costs from Berlin to Hamburg covered.
The number of participants is limited.

Please register via our Registration Form.

The event will be held in English.


Any questions regarding participation in the project and the workshop may be addressed to

Mr. Pavel Antonov, Executive Editor, and BlueLink’s team at office bluelink.net

Rebecca Ruff
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Brandenburg e.V.
Tel.: +49331 20057819